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We are thrilled to announce the Phase II website launch of our client Damanhur: Come Visit and Study With Us. With this Phase II of the website launch, it’s easier than ever to book basic visits, explore experiences that you can add to your visit, participate in events, and sign up for courses at Damanhur University and plan your stay.

Damanhur strives to be a living laboratory for the future of humankind. Research has been part of their DNA for more than 40 years. The community’s offerings are broad, complex and profoundly memorable. Damanhur offers something for everyone—from visits to the community in Italy, to in-depth studies in various topics such as Spiritual Physics, to multi-year paths of inquiry, like the Alchemy School, Community School and School for Spiritual Healers.

As you enter the Come Visit and Study With Us part of the website, you can delve into all the Damanhur is through six categories, based on your passion and personal interests: Healing, Community, Perception, Knowledge, Creativity and Nature.

Damanhur believes in the dream of creating a new world, a world where we are all living our fullest divine potential. They want to share this dream with you!

check out Damanhur.org.


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