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Creative One is honored to be on the faculty of the Conscious Business Initiative, alongside other evolutionary leaders such as Andrew Harvey, Chris Laszlo, Michael Beckwith, Stephen Dynako and others. This week, we presented on the  New Paradigm of Marketing, and in the follow-up live Q&A, CBI members asked the most interesting questions! It was exhilarating to be such a dynamic conversation with other conscious business leaders. Special thanks to Kristin Vesa for inviting us into the program. 
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To learn more: https://www.humanitysteam.org/conscious-business-initiative

Creative One is honored to be working with evolutionary visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard and Humanity’s Team on the branding and launch of their epic 52-week intensive that will discuss the new species awakening in all of us.

According to Barbara, homo sapiens are giving birth to a new species—Homo Universalis—a higher conception of humanity that co-evolves with nature, co-exists with high-tech genius, co-creates with spirit and leads with love. If enough of us allow the divine to emerge from within us, we can consciously co-create solutions to seemingly unsolvable global challenges and to utilize our collective genius for the good of all.

If you, too, feel a resonant urging within you to be an active part of this next level of human, being, this One Community, then join in:

HOMO UNIVERSALIS: Awaken the New Species Within You: A 52-week life-changing online intensive with visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard


Quite simply, it means discovering together real and workable solutions to our current planetary crises across all spectrums—social, political, environmental, etc.—AND creating a new world that is far more beautiful than our current imaginings.


Barbara is herself a testament to the effectiveness of this intensive. She has been experimenting for decades with integrating aspects of her essential, local and universal selves into a being that continues to manifest her fullest potential. At age 88, Barbara lives at full-throttle, traveling the globe and meeting with XXX. Her ever-youthful spirit and sharp intellect speak to the regenerative nature of this program.


Begins November 7, 2017
LIVE online webinars will be on Tuesday evenings.

To learn more: www.awakeningnewspecies.com

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