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We have been studying, researching and choosing to live the gluten-free lifestyle for a number of years now. So when nationally recognized gluten-free nutrition expert Amy Macklin approached us about writing a book for parents raising gluten-free children, we were thrilled.

Just launched! Growing Up Gluten-Free: A Lifestyle Guide for Raising Your Gluten-Free Child is more than just information on what you most need to know as a parent of a child with gluten sensitivity, intolerance or celiac. It’s the wisdom of another parent who has walked in your shoes.

At Creative One, we care deeply about our Mother Earth and are against GMOs, which is a huge part of why today’s wheat isn’t your grandmother’s wheat. For health reasons and for the health of the planet, we choose to eat, as much as possible, foods that are organic, unprocessed and pure. While we are not vegetarians per se, we are strongly against factory farms. But that’s another topic for another day. smile

Check out Amy’s book here: Growing up Gluten Free

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