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Hearty congratulations to our author client, George Theotocatos of East Hampton, NY, on the launch of his compelling memoir, Finding Ithaka: A Modern Odyssey Across Continents. Spanning five generations and four continents, Theotocatos retraces the epic journeys of his family and ancestry who left their homes of origin and settled in unknown places—both by choice and in search of asylum. Through it all, they held true to their Greek heritage and culture.

As a Greek born in Egypt, the author takes us on his quest to immigrate to the United States, live the American dream and provide a better life for his children and grandchildren. A highly successful executive in the oil industry, Theotocatos’ sinuous career path returned him to parts of the world near his homeland. His story’s backdrop spans Gaddafi’s communist Libya, the wealthy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, progressive Abu Dhabi, and the of war torn lands of Kuwait.

Beyond the humble retelling of his family’s history, these pages portray the resiliency of the human spirit to achieve personal excellence under adverse conditions and always appreciate the opportunities one is given.

George Theotocatos is a retired 30-year Exxon Mobil executive who worked extensively in the Middle East, Asia and South America. He can be reached at gtheoto@yahoo.com.

The book is available worldwide on Amazon.com.

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