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It’s been an exciting 2017 so far here at Creative One, as we ran a mini-campaign to offer our unique MetaConsult at a discounted rate so that we could serve a larger swath of individuals and organizations who need clarity and insights at this somewhat unsettled time.

We are honored to be doing our MetaWork for those in positions of influence who are holding a higher vision of what we are evolving into as a world community.

Want to learn more about our MetaWork process? We just updated our site to better explain our unique approach. Learn More here: https://www.creativeonemarketing.com/our-approach/

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Creative One is on the move again… this time to Oracle, AZ where Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel will be working one-on-one with Aviva Gold of “Painting From the Source” fame. It’s time to go deep, connecting with Source through painting. After all, life is a work of art!

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Creativity. Higher consciousness. Soul-centric enterprises. Essence work. Purpose vs. mission. Storytelling and mythology. Evolutionary pathways. The fourth wave of capitalism. Intuitionists as the new marketing pros. Listen in as as Creative One partner Gina Mazza speaks about these topics and more as a guest on the Live in Your Truth radio show with host Melanie Fitzpatrick. Click the link below or listen on iTunes.

Listen to Gina’s Interview Here!!

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