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It’s been an exciting 2017 so far here at Creative One, as we ran a mini-campaign to offer our unique MetaConsult at a discounted rate so that we could serve a larger swath of individuals and organizations who need clarity and insights at this somewhat unsettled time.

We are honored to be doing our MetaWork for those in positions of influence who are holding a higher vision of what we are evolving into as a world community.

Want to learn more about our MetaWork process? We just updated our site to better explain our unique approach. Learn More here: https://www.creativeonemarketing.com/our-approach/

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It’s a good day for a book launch! Congratulations, Dr. Ann Gatty of Strategic People Solutions on the release of Leadership Unleashed!

What do canines and corporate culture have in common?

 Dr. Ann Gatty’s business consulting practice has gone to the dogs, and that’s a bonus for today’s leaders. Her unique “breed” of consulting incorporates wisdom from her therapy dog, Beretta. Through the eyes of this Great Dane, Leadership Unleashed presents practical solutions for boosting employee engagement to create a high performance workforce.

The goal is to help leaders transform their work environments by bridging the gap between the organization’s mission, its values and its employee culture. The result is a collaborative workplace where employees feel a strong sense of personal value, and the organization has a more productive and committed workforce.

As a learning specialist and business consultant for more than 35 years, Ann Gatty, PhD provides solutions for organizations to best balance a company culture, create long-range strategic plans and coach emerging leaders. As co-owner of Strategic People Solutions, she helps build businesses from the inside out. She can be reached at www.strategicpeoplesolutions.com.

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