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WILD SELF, BE SEEN! Creative One is thrilled to announce the launch of the new brand for Kelly Eckert. It has been a joy to work with Kelly on her branding, website, marketing plan, media kit and more. We engaged our signature MetaWork process in the articulation of her brand. Every detail of her logo creation, tagline and marketing plan was purely and divinely guided.

Kelly’s work as a shamanic coach and bio-spiritual teacher is fascinating. She’s a truly master weaver of fate and destiny —strong yet gentle, able to bridge light and shadow.Kelly has spun together her life experiences, education, training, captivating personality and intuitive abilities to craft her unique role. Calling upon the wisdom of the animal kingdom, Kelly helps clients “animate” their lives by evoking their unseen aspects and being fully seen—by others and especially to themselves.

Kelly is an author, public speaker, workshop facilitator and more. Check out her books, cards and courses, and download her free guided journey from www.kellyeckert.com to experience a taste of her process.

If the time has come to answer the call of your wild self and liberate your innate potential, call Kelly!

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