Gina Mazza

Gina Mazza


gina-creativeonemarketing-comGina Mazza is a word provocateur and creative alchemist who unabashedly advocates living with “full-frontal consciousness.” Her body of work encompasses 30 years in business marketing, journalism, book publishing and editing, PR/media relations, corporate branding and communications.

Gina’s journalistic focus area is human potential and consciousness transformation. She is the author of three books in the personal growth category, including “Everything Matters, Nothing Matters” [St. Lynn’s Press], which has gained praise in media outlets across the US, including Publisher’s Weekly.

One of Gina’s core passions is dissecting life’s mysteries to expose its grandeur. She sees creativity and higher consciousness as inextricably linked; and views her work not just as a vocation and path of service, but as a sacred merging of creator and Creator. She looks forward to helping you liberate the full spectrum of your project’s potential.

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