Traditional marketing firms typically work inside a defined market space. At Creative One, our determined space is infinite and limitless, yet contextual and interpretive. Our approach provides a refreshing anti-narrative to the tiresome, false tactics that pervade the sales and marketing industry.

The MetaWork Process

Creative One’s signature MetaWork is where we dive straight into the core of what needs or wants to be expressed by an individual, company, organization or project. This “essence work” is the result of a natural merging of our decades of marketing and publishing experience with our intuitive/esoteric abilities, which we’ve finely honed through our personal interior work.

Yes, as a marketing firm, we produce tangible deliverables to articulate the client’s vision, yet the MetaWork is the genesis point. It’s what enables us to see the integral view, and hit a mark that’s typically higher than anyone can imagine, even us.


Initial fact-gathering meeting with the client via videoconference.

The MetaWork, in which Creative One’s partners work independent of the client. We tap liberating insights and clarity from the quantum mind, or what we call the Informed Universe. These insights draw upon the ancient-futuristic continuum and encompass a view that is more vertical than linear.

As we engage in this intuitive and sensory attunement, we listen deeply, watch and “feel” as information is shared with us about the client’s highest purpose and purest mission. We capture this data then connect the client or project to the energy grids of “Fully Realized Earth” and the cosmos. This process not only helps the client unravel and access their most core desires, it also creates synergistic momentum that opens pathways for them. We share our meta-findings with the client and give them time to digest it.

Follow-up client meeting. With the MetaWork serving as the in-breath of inspiration, we guide the client through the unearthing of emotions, imagination, journeys and decision-making processes. The aim, essentially, is clarity, alignment and the path forward.

The Marketing Process

From there, we work toward deeply resonant recommendations that support clients in actualizing their visions. Only after the MetaConsult do we engage in outside planning, fact gathering and secondary research to help the client gain perspective on the validity and application of their emerging brand and core marketing message. We explore a project from all angles by drawing on diverse backgrounds in art and design, advertising, PR, trans-media production, consciousness studies and interior work, event planning, writing and publishing, and more.

Finally, we delve into the tangibles and how to connect the outside world with the client’s vision—including branding/creative, design directives, key players/relationship building, tactics for implementation, and the production of end deliverables. We spec out marketing strategies that align with the project and weave all recommendations into a defined experience that is highly engaging and relevant to the desired outcome of all who have a stake in the project.

This Is How We Serve

We take our work very seriously and with reverence. In fact, we can’t do MetaWork for just any person or company. We collaborate only with those who are dedicated to serving humanity from a place of love, inclusion and compassion. We are awe-inspired by the epic visions that our clients have for furthering our collective evolution.

Together with our clients, we are doing our part to usher in the fourth wave of capitalism, where both the impetus and outcomes of the work are holistic, generative, equitable and sustainable. As the world community crashes through outmoded paradigms on all levels–socio, political, cultural, ethical, physical and meta-physical, intellectual—our aim is always to promote through our work best practices for human life—from civil rights, cultural arts, access to untainted food, clean air and water, the humane treatment of animals, the freedom to exercise expressions of faith, the preservation of nature, and more.

That’s the REAL power of marketing.

Our offerings:

Advertising and media placements
Animated infographics
Author support
Book writing and editing
Creativity mapping
Concept assistance
Content management
Digital persona
Event scoping and execution
Logo design and tagline concepting
Marketing collateral production
PR/media relations
Publishing Consulting
Relationship collaboration
Social media marketing
Video production and photography
Website design and build
Web presence

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