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Creative One is honored to take part in an unprecedented coming together of South American Indigenous Elders from the Kogi Tribe of Colombia and Otomi Tribe of Mexico in early September. The tribes are visiting North America for the first time to participate in the “Original Caretakers Ceremonial Visit,” which runs from September 5 – 15, 2018 in the U.S. including events on Sept. 5th & 6th at the Peace Pentagon (www.PeacePentagon.net) in Independence,Virginia.


The Kogi story is amazing: They have been isolated from the rest of the world since the 1500s, when they ascended their sacred mountain to hide from the Spanish Conquistadors. In 1992, the Kogi revealed themselves and allowed a BBC film crew to enter their mountaintop villages to shoot a documentary entitled “The Heart of the World: Elder Brother’s Warning.” In the movie, Kogi Mamos, an Elder Shaman, relayed a prophetic message and warning to “Younger Brother”: Great Mother is being ravaged. In 2012, the Kogi broke their silence again with a second movie entitled “Aluna.” In this film, they proved their knowledge of earth changes and the cosmos.


Now, Kogi Mamos and Otomi Shamans are coming to the United States to bless sacred sites. The Elders will be hosted at The Oracle Institute campus, which is located in Independence, VA along the ancient New River – the oldest river in America and one of the oldest rivers in the world.


“These Shamanic Elders recognize that Mother Earth and all her inhabitants are in grave danger, consistent with Western science, and based on their ancient and abiding connection to the planet,” said Rev. Laura George, J.D., Executive Director of the Peace Pentagon, a conference and training center for pluralistic and progressive programs. “We are deeply honored the Kogi Elders will be doing ancient rituals here in our valley where we are building a community for people from many paths who have valuable skills to contribute and demonstrate sustainable solutions for Earth to heal,” added Rev. George, who is also founder of The Oracle Institute, an educational charity with an award-winning publishing house, headquartered at the Peace Pentagon, along the New River in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia.


The Original Caretakers Visit promotes principles of eco-justice and spiritual earth stewardship. The South American Elders wish to restore the health and balance of our world by bringing attention to North American sacred sites. This historic visit by Kogi and Otomi Elders is being sponsored by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Forum 21 Institute, Center for Earth Ethics, The Oracle Institute, Patrick McCollum Foundation for Peace, and ICV Group, Inc. Donations to support the visit and to assist the repurchase of native lands may be made at TheOracleInstitute.org/CaretakersVisit and The Aluna Fund.


Rare Public Opportunity to See the Kogi Elders


The public is invited to attend events which will take place on Sept. 5 and 6.


Wednesday, Sept. 5 at __PM, – Mt. Rogers, Wilson Creek, VA 24363

The Elders will perform a traditional (ancient?) ceremony at the highest peak in Virginia


Thursday, September 6 at 4PM, The Oracle Institute, 88 Oracle Way, Independence, VA 24348.

The Kogi will be greeted by U.N. representatives and Chiefs from North American tribes, who together will perform a public ceremony at Oracle’s Peace Pole Medicine Wheel.


Sept. 6 at 5pm -, Oracle’s Peace Pentagon, 88 Oracle Way, Independence, VA 24348..

The Shamanic Elders will speak at a fundraising reception about our obligations to “Aluna,” the Great Mother. Other speakers at this event include Rev. Ken Kitatani of Forum 21 Institute, H.E. Rev. Patrick McCollum of the Patrick McCollum Foundation for Peace, Mindahi Crescencio Bastida Muñoz of Center for Earth Ethics, and Visionary Leader Robert Smith of ICV Group, Inc.


On September 7, the Kogi and Otomi Elders will proceed to Colorado, where they will be hosted at Sunrise Ranch. On September 8, public ceremonies will be performed at the Great Sand Dunes and the Four Corners, where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet. On September 9 and 10, the Indigenous Elders will participate in an Evolutionary Leaders conference hosted by Hanne Strong in Crestone, CO. And on September 11, the Elders will perform a public ceremony at Los Alamos, NM – site of the Manhattan Project and the birth of the atomic bomb.


The Original Caretakers Visit culminates in San Francisco, CA, where the Elders will lead the opening Multi-Faith Processional at the Global Climate Action Summit on September 12. This Summit is supported by the United Nations, the Vatican, and numerous environmental NGOs, and Governors Jerry Brown and Michael Bloomberg are Co-Chairing the event. The Summit is scheduled midway between the Paris 2015 and 2020 Climate Conferences to provide confidence to other governments that the United States is committed to addressing and remediating global climate change, despite President Trump’s denials. While at the Summit, the Elders will meet with lead environmentalists, such as Bill McKibben of 350.org.


Funds raised from the Sept. 6th reception will go toward the cost of the Kogi and Otomi Original Caretakers Ceremonial visit to North America. Tickets may be purchased at the Oracle website: TheOracleInstitute.org.


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