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At Creative One, we are determined to help create positive and lasting social change in the world.

This week and next, we will be traveling to Salt Like City, Utah to participate in the Parliament of the World’s Religions. More than 10,000 people from 80 countries and 50 religious/spiritual traditions will come together to share, learn, dialogue and express ideas and visions for a just, peaceful and sustainable future. ‪

Climate change, income inequality, women’s rights, indigenous solidarity, youth empowerment, peace over violence… these are just a handful of the important topics to be discussed at this year’s Parliament. Presenters include Dr. Jane Goodall, Marianne Williamson and Grandmother Flordemayo, with a special message from HH The Dalai Lama.

We will be meeting up with colleagues and dear friends, as well as forging new connections with like-minded others who define our sweet-spot target market: conscious citizens engaged in subtle activism to make this one and only planet we share a more peaceful, habitable and beautiful place for all.


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