Amazing! Creative One’s MetaWork was how absolutely right on and continues to be a marvel to me. I have done lots of other deep personal work and programs, but the depth and scope of what the MetaConsult imparted was incredible.

Margot Murphy, Founder and Lead Consultant, Beyond Resilience, LLC, Somerville, New Jersey

It is hard to put into words what it is like to work with superstars Gina and Lee Ann from Creative One. Their passion and dedication, fueled by their years of experience, makes even the most difficult projects feel like a walk in the park. Even after completing a project, our team constantly finds itself going back to them for feedback on new endeavors because we know that what they touch evolves into something spectacular that gets the results it was created for!

Damanhur Online and Music of the Plants, Tigrilla Gardenia, Communications Manager,, Baldissero Canavese, Italy

I have spent lots of time and money working with people to help me articulate my message. In one brief session, Gina not only gave me the words, but the path to authentically express my business to the world. She did for me what I and others could not do. I owe her a great deal. Gina has been a true blessing in my life and business.

Laura Roman, LCSW, BCD, Psychotherapist, Coach/Consultant, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I felt deeply accompanied by Creative One in the process of manifesting the business concept that I’d been incubating for seven years. Their MetaWork was beyond powerful and confirmed in many ways the deeper knowing I’d had for my company’s potential. More than a “marketing department” for my company, I refer to Gina and Lee Ann as Gurus of Marketing because, truthfully, what they do extends far beyond traditional marketing. Creative One was the midwife for what I birthed into the world.”

Cheryl Shartle, Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator, Venus Rising Coaching and Consulting, Tuscon, Arizona

The MetaWork that Creative One did for me literally brought tears to my eyes. What Gina and Lee Ann shared touched me deeply, as it spoke directly to my spirit. From the specific details they shared about who I am and how I can best achieve my mission, I trust their guidance and feel they truly understand me and my message. It actually feels like we are reuniting souls.

Mark Porteous, Founder of the Inspired Messengers Network, Orlando, Florida

Creative One takes a totally different vein on marketing strategy and client interaction. They dive deeply into consciousness to mine the rich intentions within emerging ideas, products and companies. Working in this meditative “meta” state is so cutting edge yet natural, simple and organic. Being a long-time meditator, I understand the power of their approach. Creative One is blazing a trail toward a new way of “BE”ing in the world of brand management.

Judy Julin, CEO, Engage Enterprises, Publisher of Inspired Parenting Magazine and lead developer of the World of Wonder Learning Labs (WOW), Santa Monica, California

Creative One helped me find my voice and zero in on my mission, my purpose, my vision. Together, we explored my innermost desires and combined them with my skills and abilities. The brand we created is uniquely and “authentically” me. I would recommend them to anyone needing to build their brand and find their voice.

Cynthia Corsetti, CPCC, SPHR, Cynthia Corsetti Coaching,, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

At The Oracle Institute, we passionately seek and employ innovative strategies to help build the New World and regularly brainstorm with each other, as well as with the Divine. Nevertheless, we found ourselves at a “crossroad” where we felt overwhelmed (if not blocked) regarding important decisions at the core of our Mission. Creative One assisted us through their MetaWork process by tapping into their and our guidance systems—on both the Earth and ethereal planes—through heartfelt, soulful inquiry. Truly, I know of no other marketing firm that so richly utilizes intuition to access and interpret the unseen dimensions where our best selves and our brightest ideas emanate. Thank you so much, Gina and Lee Ann!

The Oracle Institute, Rev. Laura M. George, J.D. Executive Director, home of the Peace Pentagon and Valley of Light micro-community., Independence, Virginia

Creative One helped us to envision the rebranding of our anti-aging skincare line to better reflect the true intent and philosophy of I AM SELFCARE/SKINCARE. Gina’s eloquent copy and Lee Ann’s creative design perfectly blended I AM’s marketing message of offering the very best skincare products with encouraging women to believe in themselves. Creative One is extraordinary in perceiving and executing my thoughts. They are able to dial into my soul!

I AM SELFCARE SKINCARE, Cathy McCracken, Founder and CEO,, Girard, Ohio

Creative One created the global brand that I’d been seeking for my company. Their spiritual approach to my marketing needs were spot on and elevated Middleman Productions to the heights I wanted to achieve. Creative One’s unique ability to convey my needs and prepare my future growth potential has been invaluable. I am forever grateful and blessed to have Creative One as a partner in future projects.

Middleman Productions, Inc., Mark Person, Owner,, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Working with Creative One was so easy. They brought our vision to life. Lee Ann has a great imagination and was an asset in guiding us through our website rebuild. Gina’s content is spot-on. Now that we’re live, we’re in the fortunate position of hiring more sales associates to keep pace with our website traffic, thanks to Creative One’s IT whiz, JJ Smith of I.G.O.T.A.® We now have brand continuity and are seeing a big return on investment.

One Day Garages, Chad and Shaun McConnell, owners,, Hubbard, Ohio

Incredibly talented, professional and inspiring from start to finish, Creative One took my vision and made it a reality. Their insight, creativity and experience not only helped bring forth an amazing website and marketing materials but also a very welcoming experience. Creative One’s leaders have beautiful spirits and deeply believe in what they do. I highly recommend them.

PūrYoga, LLC., Shannon Shugart, Owner,, Boardman, Ohio

Working with Gina and Lee Ann is like working directly with the Universe. They “get” me and we are attracted to the same ideas. Gina recommended the exact book title that I had already come up with before meeting her and Lee Ann’s book cover/interior layout hit home with me on so many levels. They led me through the entire book editing process. Then assisted me with my book website and extreme SEO that had my phone lighting up in a matter of only a few days. I look forward to working with them on future book projects.  

Gluten Free Roots, Amy Macklin, RDN, Gluten-Free Nutrition Expert, Owner, Gluten-Free Roots,, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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