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We’d like to take a moment to honor one of the greatest evolutionary storytellers of our time, Barbara Marx Hubbard. Our paths had crossed at various times over the decades, but in recent years, Creative One had the honor of working with Barbara on the launch of her epic program, Homo Universalis: Awaken the New Species Within You.

Barbara so intensely understood that “our current crisis is a new birth” into a new species: a higher conception of humanity that co-evolves with nature, co-exists with high-tech genius, co-creates with spirit and leads with love. Through her extensive body of work, she gave us an unprecedented entry point into fully realizing ourselves as the next (now!) iterations of ourselves as universal humans.

What inspired us most is that Barbara understood the social, technological, scientific, environmental, political, spiritual and mystical implications of humanity’s cooperation in its own self-transcendence, and the crucialness of us co-creating to reach workable solutions to our current planetary crises across all spectrums. She envisioned a new world that is far more beautiful than our current imaginings.

We feel blessed to have known Barbara Hubbard. We are grateful for her life. Now she has merged with the One and her “evolutionary impulse”, no doubt, continues on.

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