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This week’s announcement from the Creative One Launch Pad: A shiny new website (and accompanying full-color brochure in the works) for our client MMC Land Management!

We really enjoy working with the team at MMC. They’re a great group of people and they prove every day that family members can and do work together with great success. In fact, the name MMC is derived from the first initials of the three sons of owner Harry Platt, who started in the landscaping industry in 1982, along with his wife Roseann Platt and father-in-law John Frasca.

The oldest twin sons are Michael and Mark (that’s the MM) and Harry’s youngest son is Christopher (that’s the C). Michael, Mark and Christopher manage the direction of growth and the overall company, with Mark overseeing sales and account management and Michael and Christopher directing the operations.

MMC has grown to more than 80 employees who work out of three locations. They offer landscape maintenance, landscape installation, snow removal, compost filter sock manufacturing, erosion control and homebuilder services–all with a personal touch and attention to detail that is rare these days. You will truly find that no one cares for your property like they do.

check them out: MMC Land Management.

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