December 2016

Ready to leap into 2017 but afraid of where you’ll land? A personalized MetaConsult can be your parachute.

If you desire to align with synchronicities that support your grandest path and life purpose, then a Creative One MetaConsult is for you. We access detailed guidance for you directly from the Informed Universe. This intuitive esoteric knowledge can set you free to take that next big step in our life.

A MetaConsult is a three part process and consists of:

1) Initial fact gathering: By phone call or, preferably, Skype or Zoom.

2) Private MetaWork session: Gina and Lee Ann will enter the Meta on your behalf and send you all information they receive.

3) Follow-up consult and analysis: Gina and Lee Ann will meet with you via Skype to discuss how the MetaWork aligned with you and how they can support you going forward.

A special discounted rate of $500 is valid until 1/31/17 or until all spots are filled.

What our clients have to say about their MetaConsult:

“This literally brought tears to my eyes. Others have gone into the Akashic records on my behalf. They seemed so clear at the time and now they look blurry in the review mirror. What you both shared touched me deeply as it spoke directly to my spirit.”

“This Moon has now opened a door to a clearer path forward. A ladder has been dropped into my well.”

“I placed myself in an open mindset, receiving heart space, and grateful soul. Amazingly creative suggestions resulted—some of which I had come to myself and others that completely enhanced the direction I was getting. Some of their ideas, though, had NOT occurred to me, and might NOT have occurred to me. So I found the process invaluable. My mission is very difficult, and the process gave me hope, more confidence, and renewed trust.”

To learn more, email us at or or call (330) 402-1847.

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We are thrilled to announce the Phase II website launch of our client Damanhur: Come Visit and Study With Us. With this Phase II of the website launch, it’s easier than ever to book basic visits, explore experiences that you can add to your visit, participate in events, and sign up for courses at Damanhur University and plan your stay.

Damanhur strives to be a living laboratory for the future of humankind. Research has been part of their DNA for more than 40 years. The community’s offerings are broad, complex and profoundly memorable. Damanhur offers something for everyone—from visits to the community in Italy, to in-depth studies in various topics such as Spiritual Physics, to multi-year paths of inquiry, like the Alchemy School, Community School and School for Spiritual Healers.

As you enter the Come Visit and Study With Us part of the website, you can delve into all the Damanhur is through six categories, based on your passion and personal interests: Healing, Community, Perception, Knowledge, Creativity and Nature.

Damanhur believes in the dream of creating a new world, a world where we are all living our fullest divine potential. They want to share this dream with you!

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At Creative One, we are dedicated to creating a higher standard for business in the 21st Century, one that is unitive and radically in favor of the greatest good for business, humanity and the planet.
We are happy to announce that we’ve joined with a community of 100,000 other global business leaders in signing the Conscious Business Declaration, created by the Goi Peace Foundation, the Club of Budapest, Humanity’s Team and others. This declaration articulates essential principles for dramatically increasing economic prosperity while healing the environment and improving human wellbeing.
Other principles include that businesses must:
1) go beyond sustainability and the philosophy of “do no harm” to restoring the self-renewing integrity of the Earth.
2) operate with complete economic, social, and ecological transparency.
3) behave as a positive and proactive member of the local and global communities in which it operates.
4) see, honor and celebrate the essential interconnected nature of all human beings.
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Plants are intelligent. They have consciousness and can heal the body, mind and spirit. Plants are evolutionary guides, teaching us how to awaken, grow and live in harmony. Creative One is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest website for Brigid’s Way. To learn more about Plant Essences or to purchase a Music of the Plants device, visit


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