October 2016

CREATIVE ONE IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE . . . Cynthia Corsetti Coaching . . . freshly rebranded and brilliantly reflective of Cynthia’s passion for helping leaders lead more effectively and live from a place of fulfillment. We helped Cynthia with her re-brand, logo design, tagline, website design and content, and video production.

Check out her quantifiable model of Authentic Leadership for Analytical Minds here: https://www.cynthiacorsetti.com

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Many thanks to and much admiration for our dear friend, colleague and trusted astro-advisor Rick DiClemente for coming to Creative One for your logo refresh and website updates. We love you, your deep wisdom and passion for your work, and your mission in the world. Folks, check out StarSelf.com for loads of free content and deep wisdom.


One woman’s (r)evolution as lived within the context of our human evolution.

Creative One is thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of The Beauty of Impermanence: A Woman’s Memoir by Frances Curtis Barnhart of Roanoke, Virginia.

In this captivating memoir, Barnhart takes us on her eight-decade journey as an artist, spiritual explorer, community organizer, interfaith minister, self-styled evolutionary, mother and grandmother. The backdrop of Barnhart’s story is the NYC art scene, a San Francisco Bay houseboat, the Zen temples of Japan, Maine’s deep woods, a wild California canyon and the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she moves into a self-imposed exile.

Along the way, the author encounters great spiritual practitioners, dubious gurus and loving guides. She takes her place as a leader on a spiritual path then jumps off it again into the dense forest of personal exploration. In the aftermath of 9/11, Barnhart finds herself studying at a seminary, where some aspects of her life fall apart and others come together.

Journey with Barnhart as she heals through childhood abuse, an invisible disability, personal betrayal, divorce and unexpected love, finally arriving—as we all must—into the grand field of infinite possibility. Ultimately, she crafts her own unique version of social activism and artistic expression.

Barnhart’s life is a blueprint for any woman with a passion for personal and global transformation.

Congratulations, Frances, on the publication of your beautifully artistic book!


“Frances’s intuitive wisdom has led her to experiences most folks would have run from. Her story is intimate, poetic, intelligent and, ultimately, inspiring. This book is a page turner.”

–Nancy Slonim Aronie, NPR commentator and author of Writing from the Heart



Frances Curtis Barnhart is the author of The New Woman Warrior’s Handbook: Not for Women Only. She is an artist, teacher, mother of three, grandmother of ten, spiritual explorer, and an evolutionary activist in the human potential movement. She and her new husband live at the picturesque intersections of Read and Tinker Mountains in Roanoke.


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