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“Unearthing the vision of an organization through the lens of the higher self….”

Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel of Creative One recently led an Immersive MetaProcess weekend retreat with the Peace Guardians, an LA-based holistic youth education organization that integrates ancient and modern mindfulness practices into an empowering multi-cultural learning experience (Peaceguardians.org).

So what is Creative One’s Immersive MetaProcess, or IMP? It’s a collaborative endeavor in which Lee Ann guides the client into the meta-realm (connecting to Source), thereby creating an energetic container for the client or organization to engage with its purest essence and personally experience its energy, guidance, connection and wisdom.

“To enter this collective space means to be in contact to the highest esoteric vision for the company and its individuals,” Lee Ann explains. “In this higher space, there are no limitations, only endless possibilities. All involved can see and interact with the potential of the company vision from an vibrational perspective as well as a personal experience of expansion.”

The weekend retreat also included another highly creative and intuitive MetaPainting process, where Lee Ann channels the energy of the IMP session through “automatic painting” into form through art. The painting carries the resonance of the sacred space the group has experienced and serves as a portal for continued flow of this inspired resonance long after the retreat has ended. Each person leaves with a piece of the art so they can continue to be supported by energy of this transformative experience.

“This process is an entirely new way of tapping into the essence of an organization’s collective mission and purpose,” Lee Ann explains. “In this emerging world of conscious business, we are experiencing a paradigm shift on every level. To come together as a collective and interact directly with the entelechy of the organization is a game changer.”

The result of an Immersive MetaProcess retreat is best summed up by Peace Guardians founder Zachariah Fisher:


The art accompanying this post was created during the Peace Guardians retreat.






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